Citizens in Marshall County had the opportunity to vote for several school board members although there were only races in three school districts. 

The Argos Community School Board had the Walnut-Town seat open, and the only candidate was Karra J. Duff who received 664 votes.  In district 2-At Large the only candidate was Monty Peden and he gathered 711 votes.  The district 3-At Large seat saw Christopher Odell as the only candidate.  He got 700 votes.

The Bremen Public School Board had two seats open, but neither was challenged.  In district 1-In Town Todd Huff received 1630 votes and in district 2-Out of Town Todd Stuckman gathered 1,467 votes. 

The Culver Community School board had three seats open and no races for Tuesday’s election. The At-Large seat was filled with Amy Pugh who had 778 votes.  Kevin Falk received 710 votes for the North Bend Township seat and Jack Jones gathered 692 votes for the Tippecanoe Township seat. 

The John Glenn School Board had three seats open and races for all three.  In the Liberty Township race, Christine Carson had 464 votes and George Elia had 205 votes.  The Lincoln Township race had four candidates and Monica was the most successful with 202 votes.  The other candidates were Rick Coffman with 191, Carissa Smith with 176, and Korey Pulluaim with 157.  The Polk Township race in the John Glenn School Board had three candidates and Todd McGaughey took the top spot with 281 votes.  The other two candidates were Tyler Duff with 277 votes and Megan Lawler with 236 votes. 

In the Plymouth Community School Board race there were two candidates in each of the two open seats with no incumbents.  The district 1 seat is Center and had a race between Stacey Patrick and Naomi Podlesak.  Patrick took the most votes with 2,565 while Podlesak received 1,194 votes.  The second race saw Robin Cupka gather the most votes at 2,715 and her challenger Dalton Tinkleberg received 1,039 votes. 

The Triton School Board had a race to the Tippecanoe Township seat with incumbent Teresa Barnhart easily winning with 789 votes.  Her challenger was Robert Grisby who received 197 votes.  The second race for the Triton School Board was in Etna Green Township although voters didn’t see a race on the ballot.  Steven Stichter was the only candidate and received 863 votes.  The final seat for the Triton School board was for Bourbon and Kenneth Miller was the only candidate.  He received 872 votes. 

The Union North School Board had two seats open, North Township and Union Township but no candidates.