The Culver Utilities Department has been out collecting leaves over the last two weeks and they have a new leaf truck that has a remote arm that is run by the driver. This has been huge as the Town of Culver would not have had the manpower this year to run the other leaf truck.

Town Clerk Karen Heim said, “As with all new things, we often discover the little quirk like the arm is only so long and will end up leaving a line of leaves outside of the arm’s reach. The suction is also quite strong and without someone by the nozzle, landscape items might be picked up along with the leaves. And we can’t collect leaves that are close to electric/telephone poles or mailboxes.”

The Town of Culver is asking residents to follow a few additional guidelines when raking leaves. Please do not place leaves by mailboxes or power poles. Also, please do not place leaves over top of landscaped areas like mulch, rocks, or flowers as they may disappear into the leaf truck. These items may also damage the collector.

The final request is to please keep sticks separated from the leaves as they clog the tube and delay the collection process.