The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration’s Division of Mental Health and Addiction is launching a new program to support Hoosier youth in building a stronger sense of self through the Believe in You campaign. The campaign includes resources focusing on specific topics and behaviors that have been identified as risk areas for alcohol and substance misuse, such as developing mental strength, positive thinking, coping techniques and self-control.

Community groups or organizations that engage with youth are invited to consider adopting the program and encouraging youth to opt-in.

Youth who engage with the Believe in You campaign will receive a series of weekly text messages that provide a mix of verbal and written support, education, polls, questions and links to a video portal. The videos focus on specific topics identified by Hoosier youth as critical points of importance to them and their mental wellness, including mental wellbeing support, inspirational stories and helpful information from mentors, health professionals, peers and influential members of the community.

“Mental health challenges in adolescence can often lead to serious negative long-term impacts, especially when substance misuse is factored into the equation,” said Jay Chaudhary, director of the Division of Mental Health and Addiction. “DMHA is committed to improving access to quality behavioral health services for children and adolescents across Indiana, but we know that there are significant unmet needs today. We are launching this new program to help fill that gap by giving youth who may be at-risk direct access to mental wellbeing tools.”

As an added layer of encouragement, youth who take the campaign’s challenge to have a sponsor to guide them through program may be eligible to receive an additional incentive. At the end of each four-week challenge period, participants meet with their sponsor to discuss the program’s messaging and takeaways. In exchange, each participant may be eligible to receive a $10 gift card for their participation. While having a sponsor is encouraged for the campaign, it is not required for youth to opt-in.

To opt in to the Believe in You direct message program, text BEYOU to 877.861.6807. Video content can be viewed by visiting the Believe in You video portal by clicking here.  

For additional information on how to leverage this program in your community, contact Amber Becker, DMHA Director of Child, Youth, and Family Systems, at or 317.232.8908 to sign up for a 30-minute virtual training session.

Youth who are experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis can call 988 for immediate support.