Culver Town Manager, Ginny Munroe released information on the town’s broadband fiber project Monday.

The town formed a task force in the fall of 2021 to address the demand for fiber service in Culver and researched what it would take to bring a fiber solution to Culver.  During the winter of 2021, the task force invited fiber providers to meet with them so they could learn about the services they provide.  They also hired Scott Rudd, a broadband fiber consultant the help guide them through the process.

In the Spring of 2022, the task force met with the consultant and began working on a Request for Proposal from the fiber providers.  Three proposals were presented to the Town Council in June.  The Broadband Task Force reviewed the proposals and awarded the project to Surf Broadband Solutions in July.  In August the Culver Redevelopment Commission approved fully funding the Surf Broadband contract with a total investment from the CRC of $531,023.17. Surf will invest $796,534.75.

The Town of Culver and Surf are expected to execute an agreement in November that will have been reviewed by the Town’s attorney, the Broadband consultant Scott Rudd, the Town Council members, and the Culver Redevelopment Commission members.

Culver will be meeting with Surf’s team to review the schedule, find out what to expect and express some concerns.  There are two primary concerns, many of the residents are not in town year-round. With work that could affect utility lines, they want to be sure they have properly prepared homeowners for what to expect. Secondly, businesses on Main Street are very busy in the summer season and would be impacted by any work going on in the area.

Munroe said the Town of Culver will develop a Communication Plan that maps to the schedule for implementing the fiber network. She said, “Our goal is to communicate with residents and businesses throughout the implementation process to best ensure a smooth implementation.” 

Surf will be working in the right of way of Culver streets, sidewalks, and potentially alleys. This will require a coordinated effort and communication with the public. Munroe said, “Given the nature of the project, we anticipate that installation won’t start until the spring; however, the schedule will depend on Culver’s unique needs.”

She closed her release by saying, “We will continue to update you as progress occurs and as we roll out the installation of the fiber. We are excited to bring another high-speed Internet solution to Culver.”