Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter made the official announcement that he is not seeking reelection for mayor in 2023 during Tuesday’s “What’s Your Opinion Show” on WTCA. 

Mayor Senter said, “Things are different now.  People are different now than they were when I was 51 then they are now that I’m almost 67.  What COVID did, what so many other awful things happened in 20 and 21.  People are different.  The job market is different, obviously, we see that everywhere with help wanted signs.”

The Senters have a one-year-old granddaughter that lives in Indianapolis. Mark said they will probably head that way in the future although he said wasn’t sure when or where.  He said his wife Leanne would like to go on her birthday, January 3, 2024 but the mayor doesn’t think it will happen that soon.

While Mayor Senter isn’t going to run for office, he said he isn’t planning on retiring yet.  He says he will probably find something to keep him busy at least part of the time.     

When asked what he was most proud of during his time as mayor, Senter said, “River Park Square, by far.  It all began with the Redevelopment Commission purchasing the property prior to being elected mayor.  It started with the purchase of additional properties in 2009 and the demolition of the buildings on the property, the grocery store, and the hardware store along with the other buildings.  To me, that’s my baby and I’m so proud of that.”

Senter also said the stop light at South Michigan Street and Oak Hill Avenue was another project that he’s proud to see happen during his tenure.  He said with 700 cars through that intersection every morning during rush hour it had to be done.

The mayor is also proud that Pretzels Inc. relocate to Plymouth and the numerous business expansions and retentions that have more than doubled the number of jobs lost in 2017 when DelMonte and Bay Valley announced they were leaving.

Mayor Mark Senter has 1 year and 2 months to complete his 4th term serving the citizens of Plymouth.