Monday evening the Plymouth Common Council conducted a public hearing for an additional appropriations resolution that will place additional monies in nine different funds. 

Plymouth Clerk/Treasurer Lynn Gorski told the council the first four additional requests are because the 1782 notice from the Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) for the 2022 budget was not included in the notice.  The funds need to be appropriated for this year’s expenses.  The funds were included in this year’s budget but when the DLGF reported it, they reported the line items as zero. 

Those first four requests are in the Fire Pension Fund under personal services in the amount of $72,200 for pensions; in the Police Pension Fund under personal services in the amount of $312,200 for pensions; in Local Road and Streets under Capital Outlays $350,000 for improvements and in the Cum Cap Improvement Fund under Capital Outlays is $16,800 for equipment. 

The City Clerk said the Warehouse is seeking an additional $49,664 for increased fuel costs.  The Harrison Street Trail line in the General Fund is seeking $228,800 for the engineering cost of the trail project.  An additional $5,000 was requested in the Crime Prevention Fund for K-9 Training for the new K-9 officer.   The Cum Cap Development Fund is seeking $41,799.79 under Capital Outlays for equipment for new police cars and the last additional is in the amount of $114,869 for engineering for phase III of the Green Way Trail Fund. 

The City Council passed the Additional Appropriation Resolution by a 5-0 vote with two members absent from the meeting.