The Marshall County Commissioners approved two ordinances during their meeting on October 17th.

Marshall County Auditor Julie Fox presented ordinance 2022-14 to the Marshall County Commissioners.  The ordinance raises the Sheriff’s Sale Service Fee from $180 to $300.

The vendor whom the county contracts with is SRI and they informed the county of their plan to increase their fee from $100 per parcel to $180, thus leaving nothing for the services the Sheriff’s Department provides. 

State Statute allows counties to charge a maximum of $300 per parcel in the tax sale.  This would give the Sheriff’s Department $120 per parcel for the work they do on properties being sold for delinquent tax payments. 

There were no public comments, and the motion was made to suspend the rules and approve the ordinance on the 2nd and the 3rd reading.  The motion was unanimously approved.

The second ordinance authorizes the use of credit cards and purchasing cards for designated elected officials and department heads. 

The ordinance says credit cards will only be used in the performance of County business for purchases of goods or services for the official business of Marshall County including supplies, certain hotel charges, and certain equipment purchases. It will be the responsibility of the elected official or department head to safeguard the usage and security of the credit cards and the Auditor will administer all cards. 

The commissioners passed the ordinance on the first reading.