The Indiana Supreme Court hosted a one-day mental health summit to educate and raise awareness of the ongoing issue of mental health in the state. The executive and legislature also partnered to present information and resources related to the issue. The summit occurred on Friday, October 21, in Indianapolis. Presenters ranged from local, state, and nationally recognized educators on the topics associated with mental health treatment, and particularly, the intersection with the criminal justice system. 

Marshall County was represented by a team of professionals led by Honorable Matthew Sarber; Judge, Marshall Superior Court No. 3. The team included: Prosecutor Nelson Chipman, Jr., Public Defender Joseph R. Morris, Community Correction Director Ward Byers, Probation Officers Lynae Haygood and Chalisa Jensen, Bowen Center Director Lindie Leary and Assistant Director Zach Cook, and 9-1-1 Communications Supervisor Matt Pitney. 

The team learned about national trends in mental health treatment and action plans to implement in Marshall County. A few highlighted topics include Crisis Intervention Teams, Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics, Trauma Informed Care, and implementing Justice Reinvested Advisory Council help. The team is eager to integrate the education and training into their roles within the community mental health treatment and justice system. 

Photo: Left to right: Zach Cook, Nelson Chipman, Jr., Matt Pitney, Lindie Leary, Chalisa Jensen, Lynae Haygood, Ward Byers, and Judge Matt Sarber.