This week the Marshall County Drainage Board opened bids for two maintenance projects and L.I. Excavating was the low bidder on both. 

The first project is on the Oran Martin Ditch in Bourbon Township.  The scope of work includes cleaning 6,000 feet of the ditch to the original bottom between 10th Road and 11th Road.  In agricultural areas debrush to the cultivated line.  On the ditch bank opposite of the work side, debrush the side slopes to the top of the bank. The project also required removal of any dead trees that have the potential to fall into the ditch and bury, burn and or shred and mulch all woody material. 

There were only two contractor that bid on the project, Beaver Excavating at $6,900 and L.I. Excavating at $6,420. 

The second project is on the James Porter Ditch also in Bourbon Township.

The scope of work begins at the Dausman Ditch and 18,400 feet to the southern terminus.  The contractor will clean the ditch to the original bottom and in the agriculture areas debrush to the cultivated line.  They will debrush the side slopes of the banks to the top and remove any dead trees that could fall into the ditch.  The woody material must be burned, bury or shredded. 

Bever Excavating bid $21,800 and L.I Excavating was low bidder at $20,240. 

Work on both project is to be completed by April 17, 2023.