City Attorney Sean Surrisi updated members of the Plymouth City Council on the Stellar Communities Projects during last week’s meeting. 

He said the River Park Square, phase II project is moving forward.  It’s anticipated that sometime next month it should be completed. He said recent changes include the completion of the construction of the pavilion with electrical work currently underway.  Work continues on the Veterans Memorial the new playground equipment has been installed and children have been seen playing on it. 

Survey fieldwork has been completed for the Greenway Trail, phase III.  The surveyors are still putting together the information.  This project is still in the design phase.

The REES Theatre had its grand reopening and the City Attorney said, “I anticipate that we are in the final stages of getting their last invoices approved and getting the OCRA grant closed out relatively soon.” 

While not a Stellar project, but adjacent, the LaPorte Street Footbridge is coming along well.  They are still installing the handrails, doing some site work, and working on the electrical.  They are anticipating a mid-November completion.

Riverside Commons developer, Kevin Berger told the City Council the framing is complete on four of the multi-family residential units on Baker Street and they are getting ready to insulate the first two units.  This is a Stella Housing Project.