Last week the Plymouth School Board considered a Staffing Service Agreement with Pro Resources.

Val Moore, the corporation’s Business Manager/Treasurer told the board “Before you is an opportunity to partner with Pro Resources to fill vacant custodial positions that are open and/or become open within the district. The proposed agreement would widen the available resources to obtain qualified staff external to the district while also conserving internal time resources required when onboarding new staff. Per the agreement, background checks would be the responsibility of PCSC, and the rates and conditions mentioned would be valid for one year.”

The agreement allows Pro Resources to advertise, recruit, screen, and conduct interviews with potential employees. The company will be responsible for all Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment Costs.  Pro Resources will also verify employment authorization in the U.S. utilizing E-Verify and conduct a 10-panel drug screen of potential employees. 

The regular time pay is $17 per hour and will be billed to the Plymouth School Corporation at 23.80 per hour which is a 40% markup for the services of Pro Resources.  

The contract was approved and is effective for one year.