The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety approved the request of Fire Chief Steve Holm to offer part-time employment to Stacey Beckner who is currently an EMT and finishing up their paramedic training. 

Chief Holm said Beckner is currently working for Culver as an EMT.  She’s been doing ride-alongs with the Plymouth paramedics as part of her paramedic training and his staff is impressed with her.   

The Fire Chief said he has current availability for a part-time EMT to assist with filling vacant slots.  He commented that in the future she may be interested in a full-time position as a paramedic. 

The Board of Public Works and Safety approved his request for the part-time hire.

His second request followed the interview process last week of 5 candidates.  Holm said he has 3 immediate positions to fill and will have 2 more available after the first of the year.  Chief Holm asked to hire Austin Bragg as a Civilian Paramedic, Chris Todd as a Paramedic eligible for the pension, and Kegan Holland as an EMT who is eligible for the pension.  The chief said Kegan is also interested in attaining his paramedic certification. 

Councilman Jeff Houin said he was impressed with all 5 candidates. 

The Board of Public Works and Safety approved his request to offer conditional employment to all three candidates.