Last week County Attorney Jim Clevenger gave his report to the County Commissioners during their meeting on Monday.

The commissioners approved a motion to request court-appointed appraisals to determine the fair market value for the parcels along 11th road.  This is for the bridge renovation and the paperwork was filed.  Clevenger said Judge Palmer had been on vacation and the judge pro-tem didn’t want to act upon it.  Judge Palmer is back, and he was anticipating movement on the request.     

USI has obtained the agreements for the acquisition of the right-of-way with the landowners for the bridge project on Upas Road.  The property owner had leased their land to a solar farm project and the solar company was holding up the bridge project by not releasing the additional right-of-way.  Following a phone conference, the company has completed the transaction and bridge 120 will be let in February 2023.

County Attorney Clevenger said the Sheriff’s Sale Program and Service Fee Ordinance Amendment will be heard in the public meeting on October 17th.  The ordinance amendment will increase the fee from $180 per case to $300 per case.  He explained that SRI has increased their fee to $180.  That requires the county to increase its fee so that the Sheriff’s Department can be compensated for handling the Sheriff Sales.

Clevenger also told the commissioner that the next Tax sale is scheduled for October 13 at 10:00 am. Delinquent real estate taxpayers had until October 5 to file an objection. The judge was scheduled to issue the Order for Sale on October 7.