Members of the Plymouth School Board saw a presentation by PHS Social Study teachers Ryan Wolfe and Melissa Faulstich pertaining to the PHS Travel Club.

The group has been taking trips abroad since 2017 and students are learning about other counties, history, cultures, foods, and languages.

Ryan explained the overwhelming response to the trips noting in 2017 the trip was themed WWII and the Western Front.  The 14-day trip had 19 travelers. In 2019 the trip was European History with 47 travelers.  Then the COVID pandemic erupted, and all travel was suspended.  This past summer 67 travelers went to England and France. 

Mr. Wolf said participation has been amazing and because of that, they are planning to do annual trips so more students will have the opportunity to participate.  Next year, 2023 the summer vacation will be to Berlin, Prague, Krakow, and Budapest.  In 2024 the trip is titled Adriatic Odyssey and will include a 3-day cruise.  Students and chaperones will visit Italy and Greece. There are 110 signed up. 

PHS parent Rich Mangus has been on all the trips so far and has taken three of his four kids on the trip.  He told the Plymouth School Board that Wolfe and Faulstich have “developed a gold mine for information and learning” on these trips.  He said they are like a two-week summer school crash course in history, culture, and language saying they are “invaluable.”