Special Olympics Indiana is a nonprofit organization that provides sports training and athletic competition for adults and children with intellectual disabilities. 

While under new management, they will be slowly getting things back up and running in Marshall and Stake Counties.  They plan to start with a basketball program and plan to have an adult and youth league.  As they get things moving and see what sports they have interest in from athletes and volunteers, they will branch out from there.  The plan now it to start seeing what interest there is from the community.  Special Olympics in Marshall and Stakes Counties are currently looking for volunteers, coaches, and athletes.  They are also in need of facilities to host their sports programs. 

If you are interested in being an athlete or a volunteer with Special Olympics and you reside within Marshall and Starke Counties please contact them.  You can contact Joe or Jackie at 574-935-0513 or email MarshallStarkeSO@gmail.com.   

The management team is working diligently to get things going again and they would be happy to talk to anyone about any interest they may have in Special Olympics programming in Marshall and Starke Counties.