This week Marshall County Plan Director Ty Adley presented the commissioners with a request to rezone a property in downtown LaPaz.

The property is located at 101 South Michigan Street and was donated to the Town of LaPaz by the owner’s widow in 2021.  The building had contained several apartments in the past but had fallen into a state of considerable disrepair.  The Town sold the property to the petitioner, Zonia and Arturo Valdez with the understanding that the existing building had to be demolished quickly after the sale.   

Adley showed the commissioners pictures of the demolition process and explained that the property is currently zoned C-1 Commercial.  He said Mr. and Mrs. Valdez want to build 4 new 2-bedroom apartments but to do so the property needs to be rezoned to T-1 Town Residential. 

The LaPaz supports their request based upon to property’s prior use as an apartment building and the lack of housing in LaPaz and throughout Marshall County.  Town Council President Roger Ecker said the project removed a problem property and will add to the available housing stock in LaPaz and keep the property on the tax rolls as well.  The LaPaz Town Council said the sale and projected project are a win for the town.   

The Commissioners conducted a public hearing Monday morning.  There were no comments on the change of zoning request and the Marshall County Commissioners suspended the rules and passed the ordinance on all three readings.