In a very brief meeting, the Marshall County Drainage Board met Monday morning at 8:30 in the second-floor meeting room of the County Building.

The only agenda item was a public hearing on the vacation of a portion of the Walnut Township Tile Arm #1 to the Ballinger-Myers Drain.  The drainage board wanted to vacate 560 feet of the tile because they found that the town had constructed the Argos Town All over top of the tile without the Drainage Board’s approval. 

Surveyor Craig Cultice told the board in August that if something happened to the tile under the building or the concrete parking area it would be an extremely costly fix. 


After consultation with County Attorney Jim Clevenger, it was determined by the Drainage Board that the vacation of the tile would be the best option.  If there were an issue with the tile in the future the Town of Argos would accept full responsibility for making the necessary repairs. 

During the public hearing, there were no comments from the public.  It was noted that in a prior meeting with Jamie Lindstrom, the Town of Argos Utility Superintendent agreed to the tile vacation. 

The Marshall County Drainage Board unanimously approved the vacation of the Walnut Township Tile Arm # 1 within the Town of Argos.