Plymouth Fire Chief Steve Holm spoke to the Common Council about the need for a new ambulance.  The quote received earlier this year needed to be updated and Holm said, “As everything else in the world is going up the newest quote is $372,867.”  He said that cost is for a brand-new ambulance on a 2023 Ram chassis.  Delivery would be in March 2024.

Chief Holm said they are members of Sourcewell which is recognized by the state government pricing.  This permits the city to avoid the bid process just like they did with the fire truck.

Holm said the price does not include the cot load system.  The new ambulance would come with equipment to accept it but the actual system which is the automatic loading of the patient into the ambulance would not be included.  He said he has the cost in the Capital Assets for 2024 projections.   Currently, the cost is in the $50,000 range.

The Fire Chief said the price is inflated since the unit wouldn’t arrive until 2024.  If costs increase once the ambulance is ordered the company will notify us of the new costs.  He said the $372,867 does give us a little play.  If prices don’t increase the city would see a reduction in the final cost. 

The Plymouth Common Council approved the purchase of the new ambulance at this time with delivery anticipated for March 2024.

They will be getting rid of the ambulance that is currently used as the third call-out.  They would sell it outright since it was in an accident years ago and can’t be remounted.  It doesn’t have a trade-in value due to age and the accident.