Last week the Marshall County Council approved the request to apply for grants from the Superior County III Drug Court, Probation Department, Marshall County Health Department, and Emergency Management. 

Christie Johnson from Superior Court III told members the $8,000 grant through the Indiana Office of Court Services will pay for the Public Defender that is required by the state to be one of the team members.

Chief Probation Officer Jim Bendy was granted approval to apply for the Justice Partners Addictions Grant in the amount of $60,000.  Bendy said this will be the 4th year they have applied for the grant that will assist in paying for two part-time positions, one for Pre-Trial and the second for Recovery Services.  Some of the funding will provide two public speakers for middle school students this fall speaking about drug use.

Emergency Management Director Clyde Avery will be applying for the 2022 Emergency Management Performance Grant.  These funds will reimburse the county 50% of his salary.  The funds will be received in 2023.     

The final grant approval was for the County Health Department.  Faith Freed said the Local Health Department Trust Grant in the amount of $20,976.  The funds help pay the salaries of the Health Educator and the Emergency Preparedness Director along with a portion of their Social Security.  The second grant is the Local Health Maintenance Trust Grant in the amount of $33,139.  The grant will help fund the salary of the County Food Inspector and Health Educator.  It was noted that the commissioner already approved the grant request.  The Council gave unanimous support for the request to apply for the grants.