Marshall County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer has gone public with a proposal regarding the Marshall County Humane Society.
Tuesday on WTCA radio’s What’s Your Opinion show Overmyer suggested a plan for the future of the Humane Society.
“I would like to take some ARPA (American Recovery Act) funding and move them (the Humane Society) out there to someplace out by the jail — put them up a new building because that (current building) isn’t going to be there in the future.”
Overmyer’s comments came during a discussion of future INDOT plans for making U.S. 30 a limited access freeway, similar to the recent project on U.S. 31.
With those talks ongoing Overmyer brought up the status of U.S. 31 in light of the recent tragic accident that took the life of an Argos High School student.
The Commissioner received calls from Argos residents urging the need for plans to speed up for some sort of interchange at State Route 10 and U.S. 31 to help provide a safe East-West route through the county at Argos.
INDOT has begun the process of looking at property that may need to be purchased to provide that interchange and the Humane Society — at the corner of 13th Rd. and U.S. 31 — would be a property in the cross hairs of that project.
Overmyer said he feels now would be the time to address a plan for that stage especially as allocation of ARPA and other grant funds is being discussed by several government agencies around the county. He feels the location on county property at the jail would be the best option.
“It would be a good location they would be on city sewer and water and hopefully have access to some of the trustees at the jail who could go over there and help them manage the animals they take in,” said Overmyer. “They could help the animals and the animals could help the trustees. I think it’s a double win by building them a facility away from (U.S.) 31.”
As with any government project, funding is the issue and along with the allocation of grant monies, there would be another obvious funding source — the sale of the current Humane Society property.
“I’ve had discussions with INDOT about their plans for possibly purchasing that property,” said Overmyer. “They are going to wait until the PELL Study (currently taking place in regards to U.S. 30’s renovation) is done. I just feel like it makes sense to take that money (from the sale) and put it toward a new building.”