Culver’s Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim released updated information on the Community Crossing projects that were to have started on Monday.  She said, “You all know how the best-laid plans go…not always as planned.”

Milling was expected to begin on Monday, but it didn’t get started until Wednesday. 

For Culver citizens who live on Slate Street between Madison and Mill Street, or Jefferson Street, between State Road 17 and Slate Street, milling begins on Thursday morning at 7:30.  The milling equipment will be working on these two sections of road so if you park or have things parked in the roadway they need to be moved.

Heim said, “Once milling is done, crews will be through to pave and should complete their work by the end of the week, so if your road is milled now, it would be best to keep vehicles parked elsewhere until at least the weekend.”