Mayor Pro-Tem Don Ecker opened Monday evening’s Plymouth Common Council meeting in the absence of Mayor Senter. 

A public hearing was conducted on the proposed 2023 budget.  Councilmen Jeff Houin commented, “I know in her first year as Clerk-Treasurer Lynn had a lot to learn and I’m really happy with the way the process has gone this year.  I know it’s been challenging, and I think it’s going pretty well under the circumstances, and I thank her for her hard work.” 

Councilman Don Ecker said, “Having the information broken down the way it was made it a lot easier for us to follow and ask the questions that we needed to ask was very beneficial.”

Councilman Houin also said, “The information received makes me feel good about the financial condition of the city.”

WTCA asked if the Council could share the budget figures with the public and

Councilman Ecker said, “The advertised rate is going to be slightly, and I do emphasize slightly less than what was advertised last year.”

Councilman Houin said the bottom line for next year’s budget is $22,950,044.  He commented that that number includes several grants that are being appropriated for spending in 2023, but it’s money coming from grants such as the LaPorte Street Footbridge project at $530,000; the Rees Theatre project for $203,000; American Rescue Plan for $520,000; River Park Square phase II is a $555,000; Hoham Drive for $885,000; Hoosier Old Wheels project for $216,000 along with TIF funds.   Those would all have to be backed out to get to the true number.

Clerk-Treasurer Lynn Gorski said the General Fund budget request for next year is $9,456,805.  The Motor Vehicle Highway budget is $2,551,144 while the Park Department is $1,380,683 and the Cemetery is $566,398 with the Aviation Department coming in at $267,797. 

The estimated revenue for 2023 is $12,957,435 with $8,077,058 coming from the estimated civil max levy and $4,880,377 coming from miscellaneous revenues.

The City Council will adopt the 2023 budget at its next meeting on Monday, September 28th at 6:30 p.m. in the second-floor meeting room of City Hall.