Libertarian Jeff Maurer for Indiana Secretary of State released the following statement regarding recent remarks by Republican nominee Diego Morales, responding to questioning by host Dan Spehler of Fox59 Indianapolis TV’s “InFocus:”

“Diego Morales finally alluded in a television interview that he won’t debate his rival candidates for Indiana secretary of state:

‘They already know who they’re going to vote for. I’m trying to convince voters who will vote for me. I don’t think my opponents will vote for me. I will not vote for them. So why do I need to?’

Indiana voters who can choose deserve better than a flippant reply.

My campaign has been inviting my Democratic and Republican candidates to debate since he was nominated in March, three months before their nomination.

Voters deserve to see all of their choices – in one place, at one time, answering the same questions by moderators who will re-ask when questions go unanswered.

Morales says, ‘I’m a grassroots guy,’ touting his visits to every county in Indiana.

It’s hardly unique. All of the Secretary candidates are touring the state to meet voters in person. We see the other candidates and campaigns at the same events. It’s expensive and time-consuming for campaigns, so of course, we all believe it holds value. 

Yet not every voter can go to these festivals, parades, candidate forums. Work, children, prior commitments, health constraints – money, life – often prevent voters from going to events where those seeking office may show up for a few hours. The onus – rightly – is on the candidates.

A televised debate? Voters can catch it at the time or watch it later – in the time and place of their choosing.

That’s the true grassroots choice – inviting the candidates into living rooms across Indiana.”