Marshall County employees will see a change in their benefits package next year as the County Commissioners work at creating new ways to keep and attract employees. 

Last month, during the county department head and elected official meeting a discussion ensued on providing additional benefits to county employees. 

Commission President Kevin Overmyer said, “We were kind of looking at that time at the vacation schedule and maybe changing that, but I think what we’ve come up with is something a little bit different.  We are not taking anything away in theory, we are looking at keeping the vacation schedule as is but doing something else with personal and sick days.”

During that meeting, it was decided to eliminate sick days and personal days and offer “Family Time Off” days.

Human Resources Administrator Ann Anglin explained “Family Time Off” days as days that can be used for whatever the employee sees fit. 

County employees will be working on Primary Election and General election days in 2023 which is a change from years past.  Previously county employees had 4 sick days and a year and 2 personal days.  With the new policy employees will receive a total of 10 “Family Days Off” which equals the 4 sick days, 2 personal days, and the 2 vacation days they will now be working plus 2 additional days.   

One change was made to the vacation policy for new hires.  They will be eligible for 5 days off and 10 Family Time Off days after being on the job for 90 days and through their first year of employment. The remainder of the county’s vacation policy stays the same.  Employees with 2 to 9 years of service will receive 10 vacation days, employees with 10 to 14 years at the county have 15 vacation days, and employees with 15 years or more have 20 vacation days.  These employees will also receive the 10 “Family Time Off” days too.

The Marshall County Commissioner approved the 2023 Holiday Schedule and the new “Family Time Off” days.