Laura Walls, President, and CEO of the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) appeared before the Plymouth City Council last week for the quarterly report. 

Walls said the first round of READI Grant applications were submitted by the August 15th deadline and “there are some competitive projects for the RDC to consider.” 

John DeSalle a board member of the MCEDC and the Marshall County Representative on the Regional Development Commission (RDC) said a total of 57 applications for READI Grants were received by the RDC with requests totaling $147 million.  He commented that Marshall County did submit some good projects for consideration.  It should be noted that just under $50 million is available in grant funds.

Greg Hildebrand from the MCEDC told WTCA that a total of 12 projects were submitted.  Argos and Bremen each submitted two, one for housing and the second for parks.  Plymouth submitted 4 applications, one for the Townhouses, the E-Hub project, the Harrison Street Trail, and the wall mural on the LaPorte Street retail business next to the city parking lot.  Culver submitted a housing project and Marian University at Ancilla College submitted the nursing lab.  There was also an application from the Lifelong Learning Network for the Career Innovation Center and a Habitat project. 

Hildebrand said the “Blue Zones” program application will be submitted in the second round of READI Grants because it is for programming.