Last week members of the Culver Town Council heard Park Superintendent Amber Cowell discuss the idea of increasing the cost of boat slips and pier rentals next year.  She told them it was discussed in the budget workshop but if they were going to move forward with an increase, she needs to get the information published so folks can still meet the deadline to save with the “early bird” discount. 

Cowell said she sends out the renewal information in mid-October to current renters.  She also noted that the increase is due to higher maintenance costs.

The Culver Town Council would have to conduct a public hearing for the ordinance amendment and the increases would take effect in 2023.

Bill Githens, president of the Culver Town Council said it had been about 5 years since the last fee increase. 

The recommendation was to discuss the rate increase during the budget work session Thursday, September 1st beginning at 3 P.M.