State Senator Ryan Mishler (R-Bremen) made the following statement Saturday following the conclusion of the 2022 special session of the Indiana General Assembly:

“I supported Senate Bill 1 (ss) today as I see this as the first step toward a more pro-life policy for Indiana and I hope to see our state continue to protect the unborn.

“In regard to my opinion on Senate Bill 2 (ss), I feel it is dangerous to open the budget during non-budget years, and I have concerns as to how this legislation will affect the 2023 budget. While I have been an advocate to pay down our pension liabilities, I feel it would be best to address that topic in our next state budget.

“Due to cost overruns, we don’t have enough money to cover projects from the previous budget, and I feel we should meet those obligations first. In addition, the inflation we are seeing will cause an increase in costs for our current obligations, and I feel many are not considering how that will affect our future budget.

“I hope that we continue to seek out fiscally conservative policies for Indiana in the future to remain in a financially stable position.”

BACKGROUND: The Indiana General Assembly convened for a special session July 25 and completed their work on Aug. 5. For a detailed description of the legislation passed in the special session and additional background information, click here.