Citizens in Marshall County will see this year’s Community Crossing Grant monies and county funds in action beginning this week. 

Jason Peters, County Highway Superintendent told the commissioners Monday that Milestone will begin working on the three Community Crossing projects on Thursday.  The road work includes milling and repaving of 15th Road from State Road 17 to the railroad tracks on Thorn Road; Pear Road from 14B Road to 18B Road and Tamarack Road from U.S. 6 to the County Line Road.  The total cost of the 7.3 miles of roadway improvement is $1,780,2894.75.

The county also hired Milestone for additional adjacent paving projects that include 1st Road from Tamarack Road to the County Line; 12th Road from North Michigan Road to Maple Road; Sycamore Road from 9th Road to U.S. 30 and Union Road from 9C Road to 10B Road.  This 5.5 miles of roadway improvements will cost the county $1,405,627,65.