Last week the Marshall County Commissioners tabled the Intergovernmental Agreement between the City of Plymouth and Marshal County for Bridge #232 on Randolph Street over the Yellow River. 

Commissioner Mike Burroughs said the agreement will allow the county to replace the bridge without purchasing any right-of-way.  The issue was the Greenway Trail which was created using federal grant money and a portion of the trail is in the bridge right-of-way.

Representatives from USI, the City of Plymouth, and Commissioner Burroughs representing the County had a discussion and came up with the agreement.  It allows the county to use the right-of-way for construction and then restore it back to its original form following the installation of the new bridge. 

Burroughs said everyone agrees, but his only concern was to see if the Park Department wanted lights installed on each end of the new bridge.  At this point, Burroughs has not heard back from the park or city.   He said USI is in the design phase of the project and needs to know if lights will be included.  Burroughs also said if lights are requested the city or park would pay the additional cost. 

Because the commissioners were unsure of the park or city’s decision the agreement was tabled.