Visit Marshall County would like to announce the awarding of a $25,000 funding grant to Potawatomi Park in Tippecanoe for 2022. Visit Marshall County is a local non-profit working to support tourism in Marshall County.

“Potawatomi Park is a great hidden gem in Southern Marshall County” states Mark VanDerWeele, Visit Marshall County Board President. “Our non-profit strives to invest in tourism throughout the county. We are grateful for the work the Board of Potawatomi has done with this great park and if you haven’t visited, it is a great place to check out.”

The park includes a 317-acre complex that consists of fields, woodlands, ponds, wetlands, and pavilions and is bordered by the Tippecanoe River.

“Visit Marshall County has been committed to helping each community expand tourism opportunities in Marshall County since 1991” states Visit Marshall County Operations Director, Jessica Beatty. “Our commitment to attract visitors has helped us to create ways that we can invest back into our communities by marketing outside of our county as well as expanding how we support festivals, fairs, and venues within the county.”

Potawatomi Park, INC is located at 16998 SR 331, Tippecanoe, and is open 7 days a week. Additional information can be found online