Monday evening the Bourbon Town Council approved a Memorandum of Understanding between the Town of Bourbon and Marshall County.  The MOU is part of the county’s Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP).

Ward Byers the Town Council President said the county is working on their plan to continue operations if there was some type of disaster at the County Building.  The MOU would allow them to use the Matchett Center as a location for county government operations and details their liability, insurance coverage, and responsibility for damages.

The Town Board approved the MOU.

Bourbon Council members also approved a change order for their Community Crossings Grant.  Superintendent Roger Terry said he was able to save $12,000 for the removal of two trees on Liberty Street and they also saved on concrete work.  The change order approved was for a reduction of $23,750 which will also reduce the town’s match. 

Bourbon Clerk-Treasure Kim Berger presented an amendment to the engineering agreement with Wessler for the Water Treatment Plant project.  She told the council IDEM is requiring the Capital Asset Management Plan to be updated.  She said there are plans and a costs analysis that must be included and Wessler is willing to do the work on an hourly pay not to exceed $13,000.  The cost will be reimbursable through the State Revolving Fund Loan.  The council approved the amendment to the original agreement.