BREMEN — Plymouth Softball Club traveled to Bremen on Thursday night to avenge an earlier 10-4 loss to Bremen’s Sigma Wire in the previous week.
Playing with only seven players the PSC girls started off a little sluggish and were down 10-3 heading into the bottom of the third inning before maxing out at 7 runs in the inning and tying the game.
Buoyed by their explosive offensive production, the girls shut Bremen out in the 4th inning before tacking on 4 more runs and hitting the time limit.
Each batter had multiple hits. Addy Master and Grace Milliser led the way going 5-5 on the night, while Ella Muffley, Kylee Waldrop, and Ella Glaub each contributed 4 hits. Elli Silveus and Alicia Munoz completed the offensive eruption with 2 hits each.
Bremen Sigma Wire 1 5 4 0 10-19- 0
Plymouth Softball Club 1 2 7 4 14-26-0