On Monday the Marshall County Commissioner awarded the bid for this year’s Community Crossing Grant projects and the additional paying the county will cover. 

Two bids were received on the projects, one from Milestone and the second from E&B Paving. 

County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters reviewed the bids and recommended selecting Milestone who was the low bidder for the projects. 

The Community Crossing projects are Tamarack Road from U.S. 6 to County Line, Pear Road from 14B to 18B, and 15th Road from State Road 17 to Thorn Road at the railroad tracks.

Marshall County received a $1 million Community Crossings Matching grant in the first round of the 2022 awards.

E&B Paving submitted a bid of $1,997,715.25 while Milestone’s bid for the Community Crossing projects was $1,780,284.75. 

The additional paving projects are 1st Road from Tamarack to County Line, Sycamore Road from 9th Road to U.S. 30, Union Road from 9C to 10B, and 12th Road from North Michigan Road to Maple Road. 

E&B Paving submitted a bid of $1,705,862 for the additional projects and Milestone’s bid was $1,405,627.65. 

Totaling both the Community Crossing projects and the adjacent paving projects, E&B Paving had a bid of $3,703,577.25 and Milestone’s bid was $3,185,912.40 a difference of over $710,000.