Representatives from Midwest Maintenance, Inc. updated the County Commissioners on the Courthouse renovation project during their meeting Monday.  Project Manager Jamie Giguere said, “The clock faces were put up last Thursday.  They are not installed yet; we have to bring a crane to set them.  Once those are set then we will start to reinstall the clocks.”  The plan to start setting the new columns on June 23rd which will require another crane.  Giguere said they are getting close to the end of the project. He estimated the second week in July that the scaffolding will start to come down and cleanup and landscaping will be by the end of July. 

Foreman Jerry Hazeltine said the columns are the last installment for the carpenters.  The painters will start the painting.  The copper man will be installing new copper roofs above the eyebrows.  Hazeltine said, “Things are coming together pretty good and fast.  We hope to continue at this speed and get out of your hair as soon as we can.”

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer asked about the east said steps and Giguere said he is looking at a new product that is a clear coat that would seal the top landing keeping the water from getting down into the lower level.  They will also talk with an architect to look at the stairway.  There are some issues with the steps.  There is an issue with the drain so they are looking for a way to keep it watertight. 

Overmyer asked if the pair would be at the 150th Rededication this Saturday, June 11th at 11 a.m.   While they didn’t think they would be on hand the commissioners are inviting the citizens of Marshall County to attend.

Kurt Garner, the County Historian will welcome guests and do a recitation of records from the 1872 event.    

Timothy Pletcher, representing Plymouth-Kilwinning Lodge No. 149 for Rev. John Houghton, descendant of John W. Houghton, Recorder 1866-1874, will have the prayer, and the Masonic Ceremony of Rededication will follow.

Marshall County Commission President Kevin Overmyer, Marshall County Council President Mandy Campbell, and Circuit Court Judge Curtis Palmer will each speak during the ceremony.

The ceremony will conclude with Linda Starr singing “Back Home Again in Indiana”.

The ceremony will take place on the east steps of the courthouse.  In the event of inclement weather, the ceremony will be moved indoors to the Circuit Court Chambers.