Plymouth High School had their Senior Awards Program on Friday, May 20 in the high school’s varsity gym.  They were able to have guest speakers this year, for the first time since 2019, and they celebrated the successes of over 90 PHS seniors! 

Plymouth High School is now setting their sights forward to the Commencement program on Friday, June 3 at 7:30 p.m. at the Rockpile.

The following is a copy of the program and the seniors receiving awards”


Led by:  Ivan Turcios, 2023 Class President


Sung by:  Crimson Connection


Presented by: Mr. James Condon


A. Kizer Athletic Awards

Presented to: Brady Pittman & Aubrey Vervynckt

B. Dr. Kent Guild Mental Attitude Award

Presented to: Summer South & Tanner Feece

C. Plymouth Athletic Booster Club Scholar-Athlete of the Month Scholarships

Presented to:  Caitrin Bradley, Ella Bottorff, Bennett Christy, Miguel Contreras-Sánchez, Tanner Feece, Liam Fort, Caden Hooley, Annastasia Hutchings, Dorothy Karris, Zane Lark, Madelyn Mann, Olivia Newcomb, Cristian Quintana, Jose Rosas, Amber Schrameyer, Clare Sheedy, Aubrey Vervynckt, Logan Walters, Caden Weidner

D. Plymouth Athletic Booster Club Scholar-Athlete of the Year

Presented to: Bennett Christy, Aubrey Vervynckt

E. Bob Read Wrestling Scholarship*

Presented to: Caden Hooley

F. Wayne and Heddy Wiers Rockie Football Award

Presented to: Nathaniel Derifield

G. Marshall County Running Club Scholarship*

Presented to: Logan Walters

H. Timothy Hochstetler Scholarship*

Presented to:  Julia Kinney & Caden Hooley

I.         Senior Athletic Blankets

Presented to:  Sara Hunter, David Schadek, Summer South

J. Payne Stewart Memorial Scholarship

Presented to: Bennett Christy & Elijah Schramm

K. Coach Teall Memorial Scholarship*

Presented by:  Grant Keirn


* Presentation of Plaques To The Top 5%

Presented to:  Bennett Christy, Liam Fort, Caden Hooley, Annastasia Hutchings, Dorothy Karris, Claudia Kelly, William Kingston, Zane Lark, Callie McCan, Andrea Muro Salas, Thu Nguyen, Amber Schrameyer, Clare Sheedy, Aubrey Vervynckt

* National Merit Finalist & Winner

Presented to:  William Kingston, University of Alabama

* Eugene and Florence Stanley Scholarship

Presented to:  Ella Bottorff, Jackson Bougher, Miguel Contreras-Sánchez, Katherine Fishback, Oscar Huizar, Dorothy Karris, Madelyn Mann, Brooke Marohn, Andrea Muro-Salas, Callie McCan, Olivia Newcomb, Estrella Orozco, Corinne Rhodes, Lauren Rumpler, Elijah Schramm, Amber Schrameyer, Aubrey Vervynckt, Logan Walters, Caden Weidner

* Richard F. and Betty J. Heiser Scholarship

Presented to:  Katherine Fishback, Oscar Huizar, Dorothy Karris, Madelyn Mann, Callie McCan, Olivia Newcomb, Corinne Rhodes, Amber Schrameyer, Elijah Schramm, Aubrey Vervynckt

*          Floyd and Maxine Mattix Scholarship*

Presented to:  MacKenzie Edstrom, Madison Figg, Hannah Friberg,

Giovanni Mendez, Mercedes Padilla Rodriguez, Corinne Rhodes, Alexis Rose, David Schadek, Summer South,Dulce Vargas, Audrey Yadon

* Herman and Florence Mattix Scholarship*

Presented to:  Fernanda Arroyo, Andrea Barragan Herrera, Ashton Blalock, Noelia Cervantes,Dana Herrera Figueroa, Alexxa Howard, Sara Hunter, Callie McCan, Andrea Muro Salas

* Samuel Elliott Perkins IV Memorial Scholarship

Presented to:  Ella Bottorff, Miguel Contreras-Sánchez, Andrew Faulstich, 

Logan Faulstich, Liam Fort, Zane Lark, Logan Walters

* Purdue Alumni Club of Marshall County Scholarship 

Presented to:  Ella Bottorff, Miguel Contreras-Sánchez, Andrew Faulstich, 

Logan Faulstich, Liam Fort, Zane Lark, Logan Walters

* Optimist Scholarship

Presented to: Nathan Filson

* St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center Plymouth Campus Health Career   Scholarship

Presented to:  Oscar Huizar, Callie McCan, Andrea Muro Salas

* Marshall County Blueberry Festival Scholarship

Presented to:  Brooke Marohn,Thu Nguyen,

* Lions Club Scholarship

Presented to: Mackenzie Edstrom, Tanner Feece, Callie McCan

* Hoosier Old Wheels Car Club Scholarship

Presented to:  Liam Fort

* Everett & Jayne Colvin Vocational Scholarship

Presented to:  Ashton Blalock

* Plymouth Rotary Club Art Becknell Music Scholarship

Presented to: Nathan Filson &  Xinia Rogers

* Ray L. Price Memorial Scholarship*

Presented to:  Nathaly DeLeon

* Robert P. Pickell Memorial Scholarship*

Presented to: Elijah Schramm

* Delta Theta Tau Scholarship

Presented to:  Marista Arroyo Moreno & Noelia Cervantes

* Kiwanis Leadership Scholarship 

Presented to: Zane Lark

* Kiwanis Troy Gambrel Outstanding Speech Scholarship

Presented to:Nathan Filson

* Kiwanis Vocational Scholarship

Presented to: Callie McCan

* Crystal Metsker Scholarship*

Presented to: Andrew Faulstich & David Schadek

* Plymouth Firemen’s Memorial Scholarship

Presented to: Ella Bottorff, Enzo Kain, Julia Kinney, Lucas Record, 

Corrine Rhodes, Leah Tanner, Caden Weidner

* Walter Glaub Scholarship

Presented to:  Dana Herrera Figueroa

* Marshall County Fraternal Order of Police 130 Scholarship

Presented to: Dorothy Karris

* Tri Kappa Marjorie Giffen Carothers Memorial Scholarship

Presented to: Zane Lark

* Tri Kappa Florence Hoham  Scholarship

Presented to: Perla Zanabria Solis

* Tri Kappa Karen Metsker Scholarship

Presented to: Liam Fort

* Tri Kappa Judy Guild Honorary Scholarship

Presented to: Nathan Filson

* Tri Kappa Margaret Sherwood Scholarship

Presented to: Sara Hunter

* Tri Kappa Katherine E. Garn Scholarship

Presented to: Aubrey Vervynckt

* The Eveland Art Scholarship

Presented to: Brooke Marohn & Graison Ray

* Fred Morrow Memorial  Scholarship

Presented to: Callie McCan

* James R. Cook PHS Class of 1961 Scholarship*

Presented to:  Fernanda Arroyo

* Plymouth School Board Trustees Scholarship*

Presented to: Maritsa Arroyo Moreno & Estrella Orozco

* Nancy Jaynes Memorial Scholarship*

Presented to: Andrea Barragan Herrera

* Knights of Columbus Scholarship

Presented to: Dana Herrera Figueroa, Andrea Muro-Salas, Jose Rosas, Aubrey Vervynckt

* Indiana Conservation Officers Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #201

Presented to: Dorothy Karris

* Sergeant Jason Nemeth Memorial Scholarship*

Presented to: Cooper Eveland

* Staff Sergeant Justin DeCrow Memorial Scholarship*

Presented to:Yarely Dorantes-Navejar

* Palbykin Aviation Scholarship*

Presented to: Ashton Blalock

* Compton Engineering Scholarship*

Presented to: Tanner Feece

* Robert E. and Helen Kirkley Memorial Scholarship*

Presented to: Andrew Faulstich

* Mary Ellen Winquist Franklin & Jo Franklin Scholarships

Presented to:  Camryn Buchert & Audrey Yadon

* Katherine  E. Garn Scholarship*

Presented to: Claudia Kelly

* Interra Bank Scholarship

Presented to: Jack Yadon

* Saint Michael School Scholarship

Presented to: Logan Faulstich, Aubrey Vervynckt

* Niccum Educational Scholarship

Presented to: Olivia Newcomb

* Stephen P. Jeffirs Memorial Outstanding Speech Scholarship*

Presented to: Graison Ray

* Christina Gibbs Memorial Speech Mental Attitude Scholarship*

Presented to: Quentin Barker

* Daniel Tyree Scholar Speaker Scholarship*

Presented to:  Autumn Baird

* Plymouth Education Association Teaching Scholarship

Presented to: Maritsa Arroyo Moreno, Estrella Orozco

* Next Generation Hoosier Educators Scholarship

Presented to: Corinne Rhodes

* ISTA District #4 Scholarship:

Presented to:  Lauren Rumpler & Leah Tanner

* Red Cross Scholarship:

Presented to:  Liam Fort

* D.A.R.  Scholarship

Presented to:  Dorothy Karris

* Hunter Brandt Outstanding  Senior Stage Crew Student Scholarship

Presented to:  Andrew Faulstich & Seth Mills

* PHS Outstanding  Senior Acting  Student Scholarship

Presented to: Erin Liedkty

* Webster PTO Scholarship

Presented to: Oscar Huizar

* Plymouth High School Building Trades Scholarship

Presented to:  Brian Vegso

* Hoosier Racing Tire Scholarships*

Presented to: Liam Fort & David Schadek

* James & Josephine Paiano Memorial Scholarship *

Presented to: Carter Davis  

* Elks Foundation – Most Valuable Student Scholarship

Presented to:  Amber Schrameyer

* Grand Lodge Scholarship

Presented to:  Callie McCan

* Marohn Scholarship

Presented to: Madelyn Mann and Summer South

* Sanford O. Jacox Memorial Scholarship*

Presented to: Sara Hunter, Valentina Rosas, Audrey Yadon

* Julia Yockey Shakes Scholarship*

Presented to: Emily Raines

* 4-H Foundation Senior Year Scholarship

Presented to: Nathan Filson

* Kitty Lockridge & the Class of 1967 Scholarship*

Presented to:  Yvette Turcios & Jack Yadon

* Business Professionals Association Scholarship*

Presented to:  Perla Zanabria Solis

* Chinese Club Scholarship

Presented to: Nadia Baca Arroyo, Andrea Muro Salas

* Craig Woolfington Memorial Scholarship*

Presented to:  Jack Yadon

* Todd Edwards Scholarship*

Presented to:  Aumrie Weiss

* South Bend Youth Symphony Orchestra Scholarship

Presented to:  Cris Short

* Hazel Dell Neff Smelser Music Scholarship

Presented to:  Elijah Schramm

* William E. Shemberger Music Scholarship*

Presented to: Brianna Leary

    * Erik Nunez Memorial Scholarship

Presented to: Jackson Bougher

         *  PHS Spanish Club

   Presented to:  Aubrey Vervynckt

* Certificate of Multilingual Proficiency:

Presented to: Nadia Baca Arroyo, Andrea Barragan, Miguel Contresas Sanchez, Yarely Dorantes, Dana Herrera Figueroa, Giovani Mendez, Mairin Mendoza, Estrella Orozco, Jose Rosas, Dulce Vargas


Presented to:  Thylane Le Fur & Jeanne Michely


Arizona State University – Lauren Rumpler

Ball State University – Autumn Baird, Mackenzie Edstrom, Corinne Rhodes

Bethel University – Sydney Rice, Aubrey Vervynckt

DePauw University – Dorothy Karris

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University – Ashton Blalock, Tanner Feece

Full Sail University – Xinia Rogers

Grace College – Alexa Esquivel, Emily Raines

Indiana University – Katie Fishback, Olivia Newcomb

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis – Brooke Marohn

Indiana University South Bend– Marista Arroyo-Moreno, Dayton Myers, 

                         Cris Shortt

Indiana Wesleyan University – Natalhy DeLeon

Jackson College – Amber Schrameyer

Kentucky Wesleyan College – Cooper Eveland

Marian University’s Ancilla College – Izabell Freeman, Julia Kinney, 

                        Katie Thielmann

Purdue University – Eowyn Webb

Saint Mary’s College – Dana Herrera Figueroa, Callie McCan, 

                        Andrea Muro Salas

Taylor University – Nathan Filson

Tulane University – Katherine Dragani

University of Indianapolis – Guadalupe Jimenez

Wabash College – Jackson Bougher

Wingate University – Clare Sheedy

Xavier University – Caden Weidner


Presented by:  Mr. Condon