On Monday, May 16th Jason Peters, County Highway Superintendent updated the County Commissioners on several of the bridge projects happening. 

Peters presented the commissioners with the LPA Consulting Contract for the 2022 – 2025 Bridge Inspections with USI and they approved signing the agreement. 

USI has been sent the signed appraisal offers for Bridge #87 on 11th Road and Bridge #120 on Upas Road.  The offers should be going out to the property owners at any time.  Peters said the approaches for Bridge #5 on Tamarack have been removed and the asphalt from the bridge decking.  The right-of-ways have been cleared and pile driving should have started this week.

The scoring sheets for Bridge #231 on Center Street in Bremen have been completed by the commissioners and will be scored.  

The construction update on Bridge #73 on King Road is moving forward with the contractor installing sheet pilings for the cofferman.