This week the Marshall County Drainage Board accepted the petition of Bates Farms Inc, to assume jurisdiction over a private ditch located on their land. 

County Surveyor Craig Cultice said the petition was received on April 7th.  He said earlier this year the Marshall County Drainage Board authorized a project that included the de-brushing and cleaning of the Noah Burkey Arm.  The private ditch outlets directly into the Noah Burkey Arm and is approximately 466 feet in length.  During this project, Bates Farms Inc. paid for the services of the on-site contractor to de-brush and clean the private ditch in an effort to meet the standards and design requirements of the County Drainage Board.

Cultice said the private ditch is now in compliance with country standards and since the ditch is only owned by one entity they could waive the public hearing.  He also noted that Bates Farms will be burdened with a drainage easement due to the fact they want to open ditch to be the responsibility of the County Drainage Board. 

The County Drainage Board approved accepting the open ditch into the county‚Äôs regulated drain system.