The Mill Pond Bike Trail committee updated members of the County Park Board during their meeting last week.

Jeff Houin said the last weekend of April was a work weekend and they were able to get a lot done on the new trail section on the east side of the park. The new trail will be open by Memorial Day although they are waiting for additional signage to arrive.

In the original section of the bike trail, they worked on clean-up including blowing leaves and cutting down dead trees along the trail.   

The weather hasn’t been very good for riding this spring.  The rain has made sections very muddy.

When asked about the Memorial Day opening Houin said there is no event planned, just notification through Facebook that the new section of the trail is open. 

There was no new information on the Memorial Forest or the relocation of the historic cabin.  Board Member Dick Markley said the plan is to move the cabin mid to late August. 

Terry and Tammy Borggren from the Canoe/Kayak committee were unable to attend the meeting but told Board Secretary Deb VanDeMark that USI is putting together a plan that should be ready for the June meeting on the 9th

Board member Brian Main said the Bremen Kayak Launch is open and usable.  The kick-off will be May 14th when the Michiana Paddlers will float from Bremen to Plymouth.