In Marshall County, there are 29,466 registered voters. For Tuesday’s Primary Election 1025 registered voters took the time to vote absentee.  This includes those who voted in the Marshall County Clerk’s Office on the machines and the voters who voted during the last two Saturdays at the Bremen Pines or Culver School Admin building.  It also includes the mail-in ballots and Travel Board votes.  On Tuesday 3,028 voters went to the polls and cast their votes bringing the total number of voters to 4,053.  The means voter turnout for the May 3rd Primary was only 13.75% of the registered and eligible voters. 

While there were several races on the Republican ballot there were also several candidates who were not challenged but received votes.  US Senator Todd Young received 2,738 votes, US Representative Jackie Walorski received 2,934 votes and State Representative Jack Jordan received 2,752 votes.

Looking at the county races Matthew Sarber was the only candidate for Judge of Superior Court III and received 2,862 votes while E. Nelson Chipman received 2,910 votes for Prosecuting Attorney.  Three candidates were vying for the Clerk of the Courts.  Joy Hensley received 975 votes, Ann Anglin took 1,144 votes and the winner was Jenny Bennitt with 1,170 votes.  Angie Johnson Birchmeier was the sole candidate for County Auditor gathering 2,896 votes and incumbent Janet Howard the current County Recorder seeking a second term was the only candidate and received 2,854 votes. 

There was a race for Sheriff and incumbent Matt Hassel received 2,409 votes while his challenger Jeff Wojcik received 819 votes.  Peter Paul was the only candidate for County Assessor and received 2,840 votes.  Next, we get into the heat of the primary with County Commissioner in District 1.  The incumbent Stan Klotz won with 2,069 votes to his challenger, the Bremen Town Manager Trend Weldy gathered 1,286 votes.  All four County Council incumbents lost their seats.  In County Council District 1 Heath Thornton received 335 votes and his challenger Will Patterson received 513 votes.  In County Council District 2 Mandy Campbell received 476 votes and her challenger Deborah Johnson received 521 votes.  For County Council District 3, Jon VanVactor received 320 votes while Nicole Cox gathered 638 votes.  And the final council seat, District 4, Steve Harper received 224 votes and his challenger Adam Faulstich received 356 votes. 

There were a couple of other races in the county in the Republican Primary.  The Polk Township Trustee incumbent Jerry Lamb won with 161 votes to his challenger Michael Norris who received 153 votes.  The Tippecanoe Township Trustee incumbent Matt Pitney received 67 votes while his challenger only gathered 58 votes. 

There are two seats open on the Argos Town Board and three Republicans filed to be candidates for the November Election.  Ed Barcus received 71 votes while incumbent Erica Partin received 70 votes and Bob Byers only gathered 62 votes. 

While these were the numbers given out Tuesday night, the Marshall County Election Board will certify the vote at their meeting on May 13th at noon.    

Photo provided by Jamie Fleury