The Plymouth Common Council conducted a public hearing on the tax Abatement request of HP Plymouth LLC for the new Renewal by Andersen Distribution Center to be located on the west end of Miller Drive in the Tech Farm. 

HP Plymouth will construct a 25,000-square-foot building with a total investment of $3.7 million and the creation of 85 jobs. 

Later during the council meeting members unanimously approved a resolution declaring the property to be within one of the City of Plymouth’s Economic Revitalization Areas.  The Tax Abatement is a 10-year declining abatement on real property.

The Board of Public Works and Safety also approved a resolution regarding the Tech-Farm land sale proceeds. The property was listed at $179,200 or $28,000 per acre.  Holladay Properties was only willing to pay $25,000 an acre so the Board of Public Works and Safety reduced their portion of the land sale proceeds by $19,200 for the Renewal by Andersen distribution center.  The city’s share of the money would also provide $10,165 for dewatering if required and $21,657 for additional number 2 stones if the soils are clay and too wet.  The $10,000 plus and $21,000 plus will be placed in escrow until needed or returned to the city Board of Public Works if not needed.