Earlier this month the Plymouth Park Board heard the request of Joanna Vela, Plymouth Boys and Girls Club Director to bring club members to the community pool in Centennial Park this summer.

The letter of request states, “The Plymouth unit of the Boys & Girls Club of Marshall County is in the process of planning our summer activities and of course, a highlight for the kids is to go swimming and utilize the park.”  The request is to use the pool two days a week from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at a flat rate of $300.  The club would like to use the pool in June and July.  The club will bring additional counselors to help watch the club kids while at the pool.  

Vela’s letter also requested an area of the park for this club kids to beautify.  The Boys & Girls Club members enjoy this type of activity and will earn service hours.  The club will work closely with the park to make sure the beautification meets the standards of the Plymouth Park Department.

The Plymouth Park Department unanimously approved the request.