Last week the Marshall County Drainage Board approved several variances for Bryce and Brianna Barrus on the Spencer-Kessler Tile Drain.

County Surveyor Craig Cultice told members the property is 10.2 acres of vacant land.  They are requesting to reduce the variance from 75 feet to 47 feet to build a house on the property, from 75 feet to 40 feet for a septic tank, and from 75 feet to 33 feet for a perimeter drain system.

The area is forested and the soil borings show the best place to place the home on the high ground, thus the need for the variance.   The County Drainage Board Approved the requests.

Next on the list for a variance was Kevin and Donna Chaney on the Albert Bohmer Ditch at 3674 West Shore Drive at Lake of the Woods.   The Chaneys own four lots and are seeking a variance from 75 feet to 35 feet for future development. 

The surveyor recommended a replat of the four lots into one lot. The Chaneys did request to not replat lot 9, the most northern lot, and agreed to make lots 10, 11, and 12 into a single lot with the variance on the ditch approved. 

The final variance approved was for Graber Farms on the Armey Ditch north of 4th Road.  The variance was to approve a proposed addition to the banquet center.  The variance granted was from 75 feet to 44 feet.