Campaign Finance Reports were due from Primary candidates by noon on April 18th.  The reports were for the reporting period of January 1 through April 8th.  The report details contributions and expenditures.

The County Commissioner candidates in the May 3rd Republican Primary include incumbent Stan Klotz and challenger Trend Weldy. 

Trend Weldy’s 4-page report shows contributions of $5,399.  The details of his donations include $200 from Jon VanVactor, $200 from Virginia Munroe, $500 from Final Phase Electric, $990 from 10 $99 checks, $200 from Mike Burroughs, $1,000 from Kenneth Jones, $500 from Mike’s Custom Painting, $200 from Jim White and $609 from an unrecognizable name.  Trend amended his report April 25th and included a $1,000 contribution from John Oliver. Expenditures from the first of the year are $4,62.20. 

Stan Klotz’s 12-page report shows cash on hand at the beginning of the year at $9,950.  Additional contributions from the first of the year totaled $7,899.39.  Klotz had 1-$10 donation, 11-$25 donations, 3-$50 donations, 1-$75 donation, 4-$100 donations, a $200 donation from Rick Keller, and a $500 donation from Jim Shell.  Stan Klotz also donated $5,033.39 to his campaign. 

Stan Klotz also had in-kind contributions of $766 for printing and $490 for handling costs for mailings from the Political Action Committee, Better Government Hears People.  Better Government Hears People has a mailing address of 209 N. Main Street in Bourbon and shows Tim Harman as the chairperson. 

Mr. Klotz has expenditures for printing, signs, magnets, media, banners, postage, and restaurant totaling $15,033.39.