Earlier this month when representatives from Baker Tilly discussed a proposal to work with county officials on creating a Comprehensive Plan.

Todd Samuelson and Heidi Amspaugh discussed an updated Comprehensive Financial Plan from the one they completed in April of 2016.  Amspaugh said the plan can be related to the refunding of the jail bonds, the county’s cash flow, and operations of the jail. She also said it is suggested to their clients to update the plan every 3 to 5 years.

The Plan will analyze the cash flows of the county’s various funds and look at future needs and wants.

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said, “It (the Plan) helped us years ago when we raised our Cum Cap rate and the Cum Bridge rate because of that financial analysis.  We were falling behind on what our needs were in the future.”  Overmyer also suggested they look at what items for the jail are still being funded through the General Fund and determine the amount that could be moved to the Special LIT.

Samuelson said, “To enhance the county’s position going into the next legislative session all that information laid out would certainly be very helpful, not only to those making the decision but also to those here managing the General Fund as well as all the rest of the major funds.”         

It was unanimously approved by the commissioners to enter into an agreement with Baker Tilly for the Comprehensive Financial Plan.  The price tag is expected to be $30,000 to $35,000.