Monday evening members of the Plymouth Common Council conducted a public hearing on the request of Jim Masterson to annex a parcel of property behind his real-estate office on North Michigan Street. 

Mr. Masterson said when he approached the Plymouth Building Commissioner about the purchase, he was asked that once purchased, Masterson would get a combined legal description and have the property surveyed.  When he went to get the deed recorded it was discovered that the far east parcel purchased was not within the city’s corporate boundaries.

Councilman Jeff Houin asked about the city’s obligation to provide utilities to the new parcel.  City Attorney Sean Surrisi said since Mr. Masterson was combining all three parcels into one legal description and the city already has services to the real-estate office.

There were no other comments during the public hearing. 

Later in the city council meeting members hear the first reading of an ordinance annexing the .41 acres on the city’s northern corporate boundary.  The second and third readings will be held during the next city meeting on Monday, April 25th.