Marshall County Crossroads (“Crossroads”) — the group responsible for Marshall County receiving the 2019 Indiana Stellar Communities Program– is actively developing arts and culture across our great hometowns.

“The overarching goal of Crossroads is to raise the quality of life in Marshall County” states Marty Oosterbaan, Communications, and Marketing Subcommittee Chair. “We tackle that goal within nine different focus subcommittees and six hometowns. Receiving Stellar is a huge asset to our community, however, each subcommittee and hometown look for opportunities to increase the quality of life beyond Stellar.”

One example of how Crossroads encompasses more than Stellar is the newly created Marshall County Arts and Culture Council (“Council”) formed by the Crossroads Art and Culture Subcommittee.

On January 31st of 2022, the Council convened for its first meeting. The council is currently comprised of representatives from Plymouth (Anna Kietzman of Heartland Artists, George Schricker of Wild Rose Moon, and Dennis McKeen of REES Theatre), Culver (Bob Nowalk and Adam Joyce of Culver Academies), Bremen (Matt VanSoest of Bremen Community and Performing Arts Center), Bourbon (Susie Schaetzle of Cre8-UR-Canvas), Argos (Angel Balsley of Marshall County Fair Association and Gallery on West) and Donaldson (Joel Thomas of Marian University’s Ancilla College and Matthew Celmer of MoonTree Studios.)

“We are excited to form the Council and what that means for Marshall County” states Matthew Celmer, Crossroads Arts and Culture Subcommittee Chair. “The purpose of the Council is to continue the work began by the subcommittee in 2019 with the goal to unite, strengthen, and diversify the communities of Marshall County through the education, advocacy, and nurturing of arts and culture.”

The six focus areas of the Council are education, presence, engagement, empowerment, unity through diversity, and holistic health. A primary function of the Council will be to encourage communication and collaboration among artists, art organizations, and other cultural stakeholders in the county in the planning, promotion, and production of art and culture-oriented events.

Celmer adds “the Council will also serve to leverage funding and other resources for events such as the traditional ‘Arts in the Street’ in Plymouth scheduled for July 30th of this year and the newly planned ‘Culver Paint Out’ to be held September 23rd-25th.”

Currently funded projects sponsored by the Council include additional funding for the renovation of the new Bremen Community Performing Arts Center and a county-wide media production and training program facilitated by the Wild Rose Moon.

With administrative and financial support provided by MoonTree Studios, the Council will operate as an independent coalition of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations and individuals. The formation of the Council is the culmination of community participation and input over the last few years reflecting the need for a single entity that can galvanize support and coordination for arts and culture projects and funding throughout Marshall County. 

There are several arts and culture events in the works throughout Marshall County planned for 2022. Follow Crossroad’s Facebook page and website to learn more about each event as information is released.

About Marshall County Crossroads:

Marshall County Crossroads is a collaboration of leaders from across the region that engages with and inspires our communities to connect, collaborate, and create high-quality hometowns. This is accomplished by creating healthy, livable, thriving, and sustainable communities that provide current and future residents of all ages, races, and genders the best hometowns in the Midwest to live, work and play. and social media handle @GreatHometowns.