Marshall County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer had some great news to share at Wednesday’s MACOG meeting. 

Overmyer said, “INDOT Commissioner, Mike Smith and his chief of staff, Chris Creighton has decided to pull Marshall and Fulton Counties out of the Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) and fast-track construction project area.  The project area was one of the three that the U.S. 31 Coalition suggested.”  It covers the area from State Road 10 in Marshall County to County Road 700N in Fulton County, including an interchange at State Road 10 and 110 and an overpass at County Road 700N.  The county crossroads between those projects will be closed. 

You may remember that Senator Mishler filed a bill this legislative session that told INDOT they would have to spend some money on US 31 and US 30, and he represents this area of the corridor.    

Construction is targeted for 2027, with the necessary environmental work starting fairly quickly.

Laurie Maudlin Executive Director of the US 31 Coalition told Overmyer she heard that their unified proposal of projects was helpful to INDOT, along with the resolutions in support of them.  She said, “Commissioner Smith did make the statement that he could see that the Coalition is united in our vision for the corridor, though he did mention that there are people along the corridor who would rather see the corridor stay as it is.  Which we know, but that helps us direct our efforts over the next several years.”