While it may only be April, Warm Up Marshall County recently received a donation from the Plymouth Elks.   The Plymouth Elks # 2548 made a $300 to help needy families stay warner in northern Indiana’s winter season. 

Steve Keiser from Oliver Ford Lincoln said, “Warm Up Marshall County appreciates monetary donations all year long!”

With the help of Jack Oliver and the Oliver Ford Lincoln family, they started this much-needed organization back in 1998. Here they are 24 years later and this year they will pass the 17,000-coat count that Warm Up Marshall County has handed out over the years.

Warm Up Marshall County collects adult, young adults, and children’s coats starting every year in October.

The kind monetary donations from the community go to the purchase of new children and young adult coats. Jennifer Houin from Oliver Ford said, “It is truly a wonderful sight when a child puts on his or her first new coat.”

 So, plan your yearly donation in advance so you can budget to support this much-needed cause to keep our wonderful community warm.