Spring has officially sprung, and Marshall County Crossroads (“Crossroads”) is inviting the community to clean up your favorite block, street, and park during the Community Cleanup Challenge.

From April 16 – 29, team up with Marshall County Crossroads and the Recycle Depot, as well as your neighbors, friends, youth groups, clubs, and colleagues, to help build a sense of pride as we work together throughout our great hometowns in cleaning up litter. 

  • Grab trash bags from home
  • Head to the nearest pile of litter
  • Bring bagged trash to the Depot during business hours or by appointment
  • Reserve the new Community Clean-Up Trailer if you have at least 5 people

Don’t forget to take lots of pictures of your clean-up and add them to social media!  Promote your clean-up efforts by tagging @GreatHometowns and the Recycle Depot.

Before your event, email your flyers to MarshallCountyStellar@gmail.com and they will post them on their website to spread the word.

Leading the way is Marianne Peters, Executive Director of the Marshall County Recycle Depot.  On point for Crossroads is long-time Plymouth community leader Randy Danielson.  “Litter is the responsibility of the person littering, and it’s frustrating when people are careless about where they dump their trash” states Marianne Peters, Executive Director of the Recycle Depot. “However, a clean community is everyone’s responsibility. That is why we were thrilled Crossroads reached out to us with this cleanup partnership.”

Danielson states, “This is only our second year for the challenge and already the event is taking root.  Many civic groups around Marshall County have already announced their plans and clean-up locations, including The Knights of Columbus, The REES Project Committee, and the Democratic Party.  Bremen, Bourbon, and Culver are all expecting to sponsor events as well.”

Thanks to a grant from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Recycle Depot was able to acquire a Community Clean-Up Trailer.  Marshall County groups of five or more can borrow the trailer for litter pick-up, environmental restoration, or tree planting.

Trash bags and personal protective equipment provided by INDOT will be available during regular business hours at the Recycle Depot in Plymouth at 1900 Walter Glaub Drive.

Litter picked up during the challenge can be dropped off at the Recycle Depot during regular business hours.  All litter must be bagged. No large items will be accepted. If desired, participants may pre-sort collected aluminum cans and glass and plastic beverage containers for recycling at the Recycle Depot. 

Earth Day is April 22nd

On April 16th, 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. the Recycle Depot will host a variety of Earth Day activities, including tours, a look at the all-electric Mustang Mach-E, a rain barrel raffle, and a special conservation exhibit produced by Moontree Studios.

Arbor Day is April 29th.

Beginning April 16th, the Recycle Depot will provide a birch, pine, oak, or spruce sapling for a $1 donation (limit 5) to Marshall County residents.  Each donation will be used to plant a tree by the Trees For The Future Foundation.

To learn more visit https://www.marshallcountycrossroads.com/communitycleanup and www.myrecycledepot.org.

About Marshall County Crossroads

Marshall County Crossroads is a collaboration of leaders from across the region that engages with and inspires our communities to connect, collaborate, and create high-quality hometowns. This will be done by creating healthy, livable, thriving, and sustainable communities that provide current and future residents of all ages, races, and genders the best hometowns in the Midwest to live, work and play. www.MarshallCountyCrossroads.com. Social Media Handle: @GreatHometowns

Marianne Peters and randy Danielson will be on the What’s Your Opinion Show this Thursday, April 7th to promote the event about 9:30 a.m.