The Marshall County Commissioners considered a joint resolution that creates a plan for distributing the American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds.  In total the county will receive $8,985,074.   

Distributing the fund requires the county to create a plan.  The resolution lists several ways the county would like to expend those funds.  The plan for distribution includes reimbursement of lost revenue for the county during the pandemic, water, sewage, and broadband infrastructure projects, and recovery funds for county not-for-profits such as lost revenue.   

County Attorney Jim Clevenger said this is just a general plan that doesn’t specify the distribution of funds. He said, “This resolution just simply meets the requirement that we have a plan and in general it will cover these areas.  It does not specify any areas or particular dollar amounts.” 

The commissioners unanimously approved the ARP plan resolution.

Later in the meeting County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer discussed a recommendation for spending some of the ARP funds.  He said they have already promised Surf Broadband and Marshall County Fiber $500,000 each for extending broadband to the rural areas in the county.   He also suggested expending $2 million on the Regional Sewer District if approved by IDEM, another $2 million for the Highway Department for 2023 and 2024 for roads along with $1 million for equipment for the Highway Department.  Overmyer would like to appropriate $300,000 for county non-profits and $500,000 for the clock tower project.

Commissioner Overmyer said, “I understand that you (Commissioner Klotz) want to throw more money at roads. I think this is a good starting point and it leaves us a little bit over $2 million left in the fund.”   He said if the regional sewer doesn’t get approved that $2 million will go back into the fund.

Commissioner Mike Burroughs motioned to move the request on to the County Council for consideration at their May meeting including the million-dollar funding for broadband, the million dollars for highway purchases, and the $300,000 for the not-for-profits.  It was seconded by Commissioner Stan Klotz who said, “I’ll second it because I still say I have no problem with a million dollars.  I’d like to see it go to roads and come back and ask for what you need with a dollar amount. I fully support the broadband and I fully support the sewer district.”

All three commissioners approve the recommendation and will send the proposed spending to the County Council for appropriation.